Diversity Linguistics Comment is a blog that provides a forum for discussion for descriptive linguists, language typologists and historical-comparative linguists.

The idea in 2012 (when it was created) was to discuss recent work and ideas in novel formats, such as the “article review” (review of a paper, similar to a book review), the “informal book review” (which may be written after reading only parts of a book), the “event commentary” (a subjective report on a conference or other event related to diversity linguistics), and others.

The blog arose from the feeling that there is something missing between journals (for formal, peer-reviewed publication of mature ideas) and e-mail discussion lists (which are totally open to everyone and often contain a lot of irrelevant materials). The blog should give readers a sense of the kinds of issues that are currently being discussed in the field even if one is not able to attend all the relevant conferences and talk to all the relevant people directly.

Ideally, many different linguists in the field of diversity linguistics would contribute. If you would like to contribute, please write to the editor (Martin Haspelmath).

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  1. Hi. Interesting web-site! I read the text Clock-time expressions in the colloquial language and found that giving precise time in my dialect goes further than your claims. Where I live, the giving of precise time is not merely divided into half and quarter of an hour. I am living in the eastern part of Norway. You may call the region “Indre Østlandet”. (I live in the commune Toten.). Here we say “20 på 12” (twenty (minutes) to twelve) and “20 over 12” (20 minutes past). In other part of Norway they do not use 20, but for the latter says “10 på halv ett” (10 minutes to half one (10 to half past twelve)).

    • Interesting knowledge from that part of the hemisphere. Just to notate the differences in everyday communications in Norway as in comparison with the U.S.

      As for DLC, I’ve just been introduced to your site through the Noam Chomsky article (Sep 2018). Great stuff!

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